Learn “Pwede na” & Other Words in Minion Language

21 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Universal Pictures

Imagine this: You’re stuck on an island and you can only bring with you 1 thing. Your two choices are a boat filled with whatever you want (a fishing net, knives, books, food, or anything else you can think of that will fit on this boat) or an army of cute minions (Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Carl, Dave, Darwin, Frank, Larry, Norbert, & more). Now, which one would you choose? For me, I would choose an army of minions over anything. After all, they are in search of their new master and I could be their new master, hah; am I despicable enough, only the minions can tell. Muahahaha. Let’s not forget that they have been on this planet much longer than humans have, so they would know how to start living the best island life possible. Oh minions, wherefore art thou?

Japanese House
It’s also very possible that communication issues could arise when it comes to conversing with these yellow, lovable creatures. As you can see, these tiny fellows speak Minionese, aka the Banana language. This language is a combination of different languages like Spanish, Filipino, French, Hindi, Korean, Italian, Transylvanian, ancient Egyptian and many others. So, as these lil cuties bababa babanana their way into our hearts, it might be best to know what they’re saying.
  • Hello – Bello
  • Goodbye – Poopaye
  • I am hungry – Me want banana
  • I hate you – Tatata bala tu
  • Thank you – Bank yu
  • I’m sorry – Bi do
  • Cheers – Kanpai
  • Open sesame – Poulet tiki masala
  • Can we start – Pwede na
  • What – Po ka
  • Kiss kiss – Muak muak muak
  • Apple – Bable
  • For you – Para tu
  • Stop – Stopa
  • Ice cream – Gelato
  • Fire – Bee do bee do bee do
  • Marriage – La boda
  • How dare you – Sa la ka
  • I swear – Underwear
  • We love you – Tulaliloo ti amo
  • Fart – Pado
  • 1, 2, 3 – Hana, Dul, Sae