Important Greek Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Greece

19 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Luca Dugaro

Let’s admit it: we all want to go on an adventure to the many beautiful and breathtaking Greek islands, where we can dance like Lindsay Lohan and have a lot of fun in the sun. But before all that, how do we even begin to explore this Mediterranean beauty?

First, we need to figure out which island to explore. The country has plenty of insta-worthy destinations, so a quick Google search would be very helpful. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which Greek island should we explore? Mykonos? Santorini? Thessaloniki?

Second, we need to learn Greek phrases. Yes, learning and understanding a pocketful of Greek phrases would make this trip easier, because then we’d know how to talk to the locals. Need to ask where the bathroom is? Need to ask where the library is? Need to ask where the nearest coffee shop is? We can say all that and more in Greek just by learning Greek!

Last but not least… Actually, anything can be in this space. Because sometimes, we all need a little personal space. Think and feel free to write anything in this blank space. But for now, here’s a handy dandy list of basic Greek phrases to get you started.

Basic Phrases

  • Good morning – Καλημέρα (Pronunciation: Kalimera)
  • Good evening – Καλησπέρα (Pronunciation: Kalispera)
  • Good night – Καληνύχτα (Pronunciation: Kalinihta)
  • Goodbye – Αντίο (Pronunciation: Adio)
  • How are you – Τι κάνεις (Pronunciation: Ti kanis)
  • Hello or Bye – Γεια σου (Pronunciation: Yassu)
  • Where is the toilet? – Πού είναι η τουαλέτα (Pronunciation: Poh inay ee tualehta)
  • Yes – Ναι (Pronunciation: Neh)
  • No – Όχι (Pronunciation: O hee)
  • Thank you – Ευχαριστώ (Pronunciation: Efharisto)
  • Excuse me or Sorry – Συγγνώμη (Pronunciation: Signomi)
  • Nice to meet you – Χαίρω πολύ (Pronunciation: Hero poli)
  • Please or You’re Welcome – Παρακαλώ (Pronunciation: Parakalo)
  • Can you help me – Μπορειτε να με βοηθησετε (Pronunciation: Borite na me voithisete)
  • See you later – Tα λέμε (Pronunciation: Ta leme)
At the Restaurant
  • How much does this cost… – Πόσο κάνει (Pronunciation: Poso cani…)
  • Can I order… – Να παραγγείλω… (Pronunciation: Na parageelo… )
  • I would like… – Θα ήθελα (Pronunciation: Tha ithela… )
  • I am vegetarian – Είμαι χορτοφάγος (Pronunciation: Ime horto fagos)
  • Enjoy your meal – Καλή όρεξη (Pronunciation: Kali orexi)
  • I would like a beer – Θα ηθελα μια μπυρα (Pronunciation: That ithela mia bira)
  • What’s your most popular dish – Ποιο είναι το πιο δημοφιλές πιάτο σας (Pronunciation: Pio ine to pio dimofiles piato sas)
  • What do you recommend – Τι προτείνετε (Pronunciation: Ti protinete)
  • What’s in this dish – Τι περιέχει αυτό το πιάτο (Pronunciation: Ti periechei afto to piato)
  • The food is very good – Το φαγητό είναι πολύ καλό (Pronunciation: To fayito ine poli kalo)