“Idiot” & A Short List Of More American Insults

02 April 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

New Line Cinema / Friday

This is going to sound silly, but one of my favorite insults in English is actually the word “idiot.” I don’t really know why I enjoy hearing that word, but I do. I think it sounds funny too. So whenever I hear it or whenever I say it, I giggle a little. Try saying it: “idiot.” Did you giggle a little when you said it? Or maybe that’s just my silly reaction. Anyway, please don’t just randomly call people “idiot” because they might not appreciate that.

I think “idiot” is one of the most commonly used insults in English, American English or not American English. But “idiot” isn’t the only insult out there. What other insults are out there? Scroll down and find out.

  • airhead: a silly person; a foolish person; a stupid person; an idiot
  • bastard: a disagreeable person; an annoying person
  • bozo: an annoying person; a stupid person
  • butthead, booty head: a stupid person
  • snitch: a person who likes to reveal secrets; a tattletale
  • chicken: a coward
  • chickenshit: a coward
  • moron: an idiot; a stupid person
  • lame: a boring person; something uninteresting
  • smart-ass: a know-it-all
  • nutjob: a silly person; a crazy person
  • scum: a worthless person
  • idiot: a very stupid person; a very foolish person
  • f*ckface: a very, very, very, very, very, very annoying person
  • b*tch: a coward; an annoying person; an unreasonable person
  • asshole: an idiot; a jerk; an annoying person
  • m*therf*cker: an idiot; an asshole; a jerk
  • trash: an idiot; a jerk; a worthless person