How To Say “Pineapple” In 15 Different Languages

20 February 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Katrina Mulfati

We’ve all seen that crazy pineapple hack on TikTok, right? It’s the one where you don’t need a knife to cut open a pineapple. Yep, there’s truly a hack for that. But, if you’re still confused about this so-called “trick” because you’ve never heard of it before… then, let me explain the steps to you.

step 1: Get a pineapple.
step 2: Twist the leafy top off.
step 3: Put the bottom side of the pineapple down.
step 4: Tap and twist the pineapple on that flat surface about 10 to 15 times.
step 5: Roll the pineapple with all your strength.
step 6: Grab a spike and pull a piece!

Now you know another way of opening a pineapple without using any sharp tools like a knife, you’re welcome! When it comes to this controversial fruit (does it belong on the pizza or not), you might want to know that its English name “pineapple” was actually picked out because the fruit looked like apples that grew on a pine tree. But, its name counterpart “ananas” is taken from the Tupi word "nanas," which means "excellent fruit" and this word was first noted by a French Franciscan monk named André Thevet. On that note, do you know how this glorious and juicy fruit is called in other languages? Read on to find out!

  • English: Pineapple
  • French: L'ananas
  • Italian: L'ananas
  • Spanish: La piña
  • Korean: 파인애플
  • Icelandic: Ananas
  • Brazilian Portuguese: O abacaxi
  • European Portuguese: O ananás
  • Tagalog: Pinya
  • Vietnamese: Dứa
  • Japanese: パイナップル
  • Cantonese: 菠蘿
  • Mandarin Chinese: 菠萝
  • Swedish: Ananas
  • German: Die Ananas