Different Ways To Say “I Love You” In Italian

16 August 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Eugene Zhyvchik

They say that “abracadabra” is a very powerful, magical word. That it can make wilting flowers bloom again. That it can fix broken plates, vases, and teacups. That it can make one of your wishes come true. But what they fail to tell you is that “abracadabra” isn’t the only very powerful, magical word out there. That there are plenty of very powerful, magical words and phrases. It’s just that “abracadabra” starts with the letter “a” so it’s a very convenient word to think of and say.

The other very powerful, magical word is known as “I love you” and it’s really more of a phrase. The cool thing about it is that it has many different versions around the world. You can say this phrase in English if you want. You can say this phrase in Korean if you want. You can say this phrase in German if you want. You can also say this phrase in Italian if you want. And the best thing about it is that its meaning is really more about showing someone love, care, and appreciation. So if something is telling you that you’re into something good, then spread some love and joy using a very powerful, magical “I love you” in Italian.

  • I love you (to a romantic partner): Ti amo (tee ahmoh)
  • I love you (to family and friends): Ti voglio bene (tee voh-lyoh behneh)
  • I love you so much: Ti amo così tanto (tee ahmoh koh-see tahntoh)
  • I love you too: Anch’io ti amo (ahnkee-oh tee ahmoh)
  • You’re the love of my life: Sei l’amore della mia vita (say lah-moh-reh del-la meeyah veetah)
  • I love you very much: Ti amo tantissimo (tee ahmoh taanteeseemoh)
  • I think I love you: Penso di amarti (pehnsoh dee ahmartee)
  • I love you more: Io ti amo di più (ee-yoh tee ahmoh dee pyooh)
  • I adore you: Ti adoro (tee ahdohroh)
  • I love you more every day: Ti amo ogni giorno di più (tee ahmoh onyee jornoh dee pyooh)
  • I am in love with you: [masculine] Sono innamorato di te (sohno eenamorahtoh dee teh)
    [feminine] Sono innamorata di te (sohno eenamorahtah dee teh)
  • I love you, my love: Ti amo, amore mio (tee ahmoh ah-moh-reh meeyoh)
  • I always think of you: Ti penso sempre (tee pehnsoh sehm-preh)
  • I love you a lot: Ti voglio un mondo di bene (tee vohlyoh un mohndo dee behneh)
  • I love you most: Ti amo troppo (tee ahmoh trop-poh)
  • I’m head over heels for you: [masculine] Sono follemente innamorato di te (sohno fohl-lehmenteh eenamorahtoh dee teh)
    [feminine] Sono follemente innamorata di te (sohno fohl-lehmenteh eenamorahtah dee teh)
  • I admire you: Ti ammiro (tee ahm-mee-roh)
  • I really like you: Mi piaci davvero (mee pyah-cheeh dav-veh-roh)
  • I’m all yours: [masculine] Sono tutto tuo (sohno too-toh too-woh)
    [feminine] Sono tutto tua (sohno too-toh too-wah)