Text Slang: Spanish Text Slang You Should Know

28 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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You’re Nothing Special / Netflix

These days when you are not fiddling with your computer or whatever, you are fiddling with your phone doing whatever like learning a language (you can learn a language like Spanish by reading stories you love with Beelinguapp), reading the news (you can also learn a language like Spanish by reading about the happenings around you with Beelinguapp), even possibly texting whoever you want to text (sadly, you cannot text your friends with Beelinguapp).

When it comes to the first two mentioned things to do with your phone, you should just get Beelinguapp to experience this for yourself. When it comes to the third mentioned thing, “possibly texting whoever you want to text” this decision is on you. And there are two types of texters in the world: ones that type out all the letters in a word and ones that don’t type out all the letters in a word so they end up using texting slang.

The thing about texting slang is that this happens all around the world, it doesn't matter the language. Like texting slang isn’t only common among people who speak English because this also happens among people who speak Spanish. That way you don’t have to type out the entire word if you don’t want to. And if you’re learning Spanish, you should learn these shortcuts as a way to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture. And yes, texting is a big part of any culture, Spanish or not.

  • I like you a lot: tqm (te quiero mucho)
  • what: q (que)
  • what’s up: q tal (qué tal)
  • don’t worry: ntp (no te preocupes)
  • no problem: npn (no pasa nada)
  • take care: cdt (cuídate)
  • why: pq (porque)
  • thanks for the invite: gpi (gracias por invitar)
  • please: xfa (por fa)
  • here: aki (aquí)
  • tomorrow: mñn (mañana)
  • kisses: bs (besos)
  • little kisses: bst (besito)
  • true: vdd (verdad)
  • what are you doing: q haces (qué haces)
  • message: msj (mensaje)
  • with: kn (con)
  • all right: bno (bueno)
  • hello: hla (hola)
  • you’re welcome: x nada (por nada)
  • for, by: x (por)
  • just kidding: ntc (no te creas)