How To Say The Spanish Months & Seasons Of The Year

5 October 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House


Believe it or not, the names of the 12 months of the year in Spanish are really easy to remember and learn. No, that is not a joke. That’s because these Spanish months sound very close to their English names. So if you’re learning Spanish, then this is something you can instantly master. Just give yourself maybe 10 mins tops. However, there are some things you need to remember. Like the first letters of these months in Spanish are not capitalized. And the months are also masculine singular nouns, which means that you’d be using the masculine articles (el, un) and masculine adjective forms when about these months.

Spanish months of the year

  • month: el mes (el mes)
  • months: los meses (los meh-ses)
  • January: enero (eh-neh-roh)
  • February: febrero (feb-reh-roh)
  • March: marzo (mar-thoh) *pronunciation in Spain or (mar-soh) *pronunciation in LATAM
  • April: abril (ab-ril)
  • May: mayo (mah-yoh)
  • June: junio (hoon-yo)
  • July: julio (hool-yo)
  • August: agosto (ah-gos-toh)
  • September: septiembre (sep-tyem-breh) *used in most Spanish-speaking places,
    setiembre (set-yem-breh) *used more in Peru and Costa Rica
  • October: octubre (oc-too-breh)
  • November: noviembre (noh-byem-breh)
  • December: diciembre (dee-syem-breh)

Spanish seasons of the year

  • spring: primavera (pri-mah-veh-rah)
  • summer: verano (veh-rah-noh)
  • autumn or fall: otoño (oh-toh-nyoh)
  • winter: invierno (im-byer-noh)