Say Thank You in 10 Languages

December 26, 2021
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Thank you – a simple yet two very important words that can make you and others feel acknowledged and appreciated. People show and express gratitude in different ways but the phrase “thank you” is universal.

This polite expression, no matter how plain it may be, goes a long way wherever you are. Perhaps, this kind expression can be used as a way of befriending locals and connecting with them, while showing respect and gratitude. So why not learn it in 10 languages? Check out our list and learn how to say “Thank you” in different languages!

Animated cat saying 'thank you'
1. Arabic
Translation: شكرا
Pronunciation: Shuk-ran
2. Chinese
Translation: 谢谢 (Xiè xiè)
Pronunciation: Xiè xiè
3. French
Translation: Merci
Pronunciation: Mer-si
4. German
Translation: Danke
Pronunciation: Dang-kuh
5. Icelandic
Translation: Þakka þér
Pronunciation: Thah-kah th-yeh(r)
6. Igbo
Translation: Daalụ
Pronunciation: Da-alu
7. Japanese
Translation: ありがとうございました (Arigatōgozaimashita)
Pronunciation: A-ri-ga-to-go-zai-ma-shi-ta
8. Spanish
Translation: Gracias
Pronunciation: Gra-cias
9. Swahili
Translation: Asante
Pronunciation: A-san-te
10. Swedish
Translation: Tack
Pronunciation: Tack
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