14 Common Questions To Ask In Vietnamese

08 April 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Francois Le Nguyen

Every morning when I take my dog out for a walk, I always see this neighbor who lives many, many, many houses down with his dog. My neighbor who lives many, many, many houses down always carries a water bottle with him and a walking stick. His dog is a big dog, fluffier than most, very calm, and he is 9 years old.

When my dog and I see both of them, we always say hellohttps://beelinguapp.com/blog/cześć-and-other-ways-to-say-hello-in-polish to each other and ask each other questions. You know your small talk questions like “how was your weekend” if we see each other on the first day of the week, or the usual “how’s the weather”https://beelinguapp.com/blog/how-to-talk-about-weather-in-indonesian because weather talk is a good ice breaker and there is always something up with the weather anyway. On the other hand, the dogs do their usual dog speak, they sniff here and there and woof a friendly woof to each other.

Now, I think sometimes it is much easier to start a conversation with a question. Because sometimes I don’t know what to say and that’s okay. So then I just ask a question. What do you think? Do you think asking a question is one of the several fun ways to start a conversation? Go ahead and think about that for a moment. While you’re at it, have a quick scroll at these simple questions in Vietnamese.

  1. how are you doing: bạn dạo này thế nào (buhn zao nay teh now)
  2. how was your weekend: cuối tuần của bạn thế nào (kwoy twan kwa buhn teh now)
  3. have you heard of the news: bạn đã nghe tin chưa (buhn da ngeh tin chwa)
  4. how are you: bạn có khỏe không (buhn koh kweh kohng)
  5. when is your birthday: bạn sinh ngày nào (buhn sing ngai now)
  6. can you take my photo: bạn chụp ảnh giúp tôi được không (buhn chup an zup toy dook kohng)
  7. what time is it: mấy giờ rồi (mai yow zoy)
  8. can you help me: bạn giúp tôi được không (buhn zup toy dook kohng)
  9. what is your name: bạn tên là gì (buhn ten la zee)
  10. what’s your phone number: số điện thoại của bạn là gì (so dyen thwai kwa buhn la zee)
  11. how’s the weather: thời tiết dạo này thế nào (thoi tyet dao nay teh now)
  12. how old are you: bạn bao nhiêu tuổi (buhn bow nyew toy)
  13. what are your pronouns: bạn muốn được gọi là gì (buhn muon dook goy la zee)
  14. where is the bathroom: buồng tắm ở đâu (buong tahm uh dow)