“Le Poisson” & More Fish And Aquatic Animals In French

17 January 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Disney+ / The Little Mermaid

What is zis (see picture above)? It’s a “le poisson” which means “(the) fish” in English. The fish live in the ocean. They swim in the ocean, duh. They hang out with their school of fish friends in the ocean. They do a lot of things under the sea, because life is the bubbles and it’s better down where it's wetter, at least for their sake.

You know, fish biologists have actually reported that there are more than 30,000 species of fish around the world. That is a lot of fish! And marine biologists have mentioned that there are about 1.4 million marine species on earth. That is A LOT of marine species! Question is: do we know all of these species? Hah, most definitely not. Scientists even said that about 91% of the marine species have yet to be classified.

Now, that task is going to take a very long moment. So maybe while we wait to learn more about the blue and watery world down there, let’s get to know some of these oceanic animals in French.

  • the fish: le poisson (luh pwah-sohn)
  • the salmon: le saumon (luh soh-mohn)
  • the mussel: la moule (la mool)
  • the shrimp: la crevette (la creh-vet)
  • the squid: le calmar (luh kal-mar)
  • the sea bass: le bar (luh bahr)
  • the octopus: la pieuvre (la pyuh-vruh)
  • the crayfish: l’écrevisse (leh-kre-vis)
  • the tuna: le thon (luh tohn)
  • the lobster: le homard (luh oh-mar)
  • the crab: le crabe (luh krab)
  • the pollack: le lieu jaune (luh lyuh jhohn)
  • the trout: la truite (la tru-eet)
  • the cuttlefish: la seiche (la seesh)
  • the mackerel: la maquereau (la mah-kehr-oh)
  • the scallop: la coquille Saint-Jacques (la ko-keel sant jahk)
  • the sardine: la sardine (la sar-deen)
  • the anchovies: les anchois (ley-zan-shwah)
  • the eel: l’anguille (lang-gwee)
  • the carp: la carpe (la karp)
  • the halibut: le flétin (luh flay-tahn)
  • the swordfish: l'espadon (les-pa-dohn)
  • the clam: le clam (luh klam)
  • the sole: le sole (luh sohl)
  • the catfish: le poisson-chat (luh pwa-sohn sha)
  • the shark: le requin (luh ri-kahn)
  • the jellyfish: la méduse (lah may-dooz)
  • the otter: la loutre (la loo-truh)
  • the whale: la baleine (la behl-ehn)
  • the dolphin: le dauphin (luh doh-fahn)
  • the seahorse: l’hippocampe (lee-poh-kahmp)