“Alli puncha” & More Useful Phrases In Kichwa

13 May 2024
By Abby Pauley, Manna Project International
Japanese House
Unsplash: Joris Beugels

So you’ve finally got your trip planned and your suitcase packed for that awesome social justice trip to the Amazon Rainforest (maybe even with the social impact non-profit Manna Project International)? Maybe you’ve already dusted off the old high school Spanish and are prepared to “hola” your way across the jungle! But stop! It’s Kichwa Time!

First of all, have you read our blog about Kichwa, Quechua, and the indigenous languages of the Andes? If not, do that first here and then come back.

Okay, great, now you know what Kichwa is. Volviendo al tema (translation: let’s get back to the topic). Yes, you can speak Spanish and “que tal” all day as you see tortoises, white water raft down through the Amazon, and eat fresh passion fruit and cacao, sure, you could.

But you could also learn a little bit of Kichwa and really knock the socks off your Kichwa neighbors. And they say Kichwa is the gateway language to finding wealth, prosperity, health, and love, but who knows? You’ll have to learn it to find out!

  • Alli puncha: Good morning
  • Alli chishi: Good afternoon
  • Alli tuta: Good night
  • Kawsangichu: How are you?
  • Akuychi: Let’s go
  • Pagrachu/Yupaychani: Thank you
  • Shuti: Name
  • Ñukanchik: We
  • Shuk punchakama: See you another day
  • Alli mikuna: Bon appetit
  • Ñuka shuti mikan: My name is
  • Ashka: Many/much/a lot
  • Wasi: House
  • Yaku: Water
  • Tukurin: Finished/Done