“Chafa” & 18 More Mexican Slang Phrases You Need To Learn

20 June 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: DocuSign

How many hours do you spend studying Spanish? And during your language learning session, do you ever pause and wonder if the Spanish language spoken around the world is the same throughout? Okay and do you think the Spanish spoken in Mexico is similar to the Spanish spoken in Spain?

Well, I cannot answer the first two questions for you. But I can help with the third question. The general answer to the last question is yes and no. Yes, Spain and Mexico both use the Spanish language. No, the Spanish spoken between the two countries are not similar. The Spanish spoken between Mexico and Spain vary in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary, and occasionally even grammar and slang (don’t forget that despite their differences, they also share a number of similarities). That’s right, even in slang. And when it comes to Mexican slang, the list is endless. If you can’t help but wonder what some of these slang words are and what they mean, have a scroll.

    1. beer: chela (chela)
    2. whatever: ni modo (ni modo)
    3. cool: chido (chido)
    4. IDGAF: me vale madre (me vahleh madre)
    5. preppy: fresa (fresa)
    6. nosey: metiche (muhtichee)
    7. dude: güey (wey) / wey (wey)
    8. watch out / be careful: aguas (ahgwas)
    9. job: chamba (chambah)
    10. F word: pinche (peencheh)
    11. buddy: carnal (carnal)
    12. friend: compa (compa)
    13. crappy: chafa (chafa)
    14. tacky: naco (naco)
    15. right now: ahorita (ahorita)
    16. good vibes: buena onda (bwena onda)
    17. what: ¿mande? (mandeh)
    18. problem: bronca (brongka)
    19. favor: paro (paro)