4 Reasons Why You Should Read Stories In a Different Language

February 17, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
A child reading a book

Unsplash: Peggy Anke

I don’t know about you but reading a story is always a fun treat. It’s like an act of escapism without leaving the comforts of your bed or hammock or wherever you may be. Sometimes you relate to the characters, other times you don’t. But most of the time, you are transported to a different world. Reading a story is always a magical experience – a moment worth remembering and sharing.

Ever thought about reading a story in a different language? Sure, it may sound a bit crazy or a lot crazy. I mean who wants to read a story in a different language when you can read it in your native language? 

Reading enhances your imagination and expands your knowledge. It also helps you learn and improve your language skills. The benefits of reading in your original language are endless. So when it comes to language learning, reading a story is a great and proven method to learn something new! 

You could even try reading using the parallel texts method with Beelinguapp! This way, you can read in your target language with your native language on the side. It might seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Start by reading the story of Anne Frank in two languages like English and German side-by-side!

Reason 1: Learn new vocabulary

When reading a story in a different language, you are learning a new vocabulary set. You are exposed to new words which play a crucial role in both communication and in language acquisition

Reading a story or a news article in a different language is a great learning hack to actively immerse yourself in the language. You get to see how the words are used in context and eventually use it when speaking the language.

Reason 2: Improve your language skills

We’ve established as Reason 1 that reading a story in a second language exposes you to new words and phrases. But what's more important is that you'll learn how to use these words in context, which improves your language skills. The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the better you will understand the language. 

Learning a new language takes time. But the little things you do to engage with the language are very helpful in the long run. And reading is just one of the many ways to immerse yourself in your target language.

Reason 3: Because it is fun

Yes, reading is fun! The thing about reading is that YOU get to choose whatever you want to read. You can read biographies of important figures or you can read about culture. The choice is yours and there are so many things you can read! 

With Beelinguapp, you can read using the parallel texts method. You can read a story about Eating Street Food in Korea in English and Korean side-by-side or read about The Race for Space Tourism in German and Spanish side-by-side. With this method, you are learning a second language with the support of your first language! How cool is that?

Reason 4: Be more open-minded

We know that reading a story in a second language is a learning hack to help you better understand your target language. This activity gives you the opportunity to learn something new while immersing yourself in a different culture. As a result, you learn to be more open-minded and you get to see things from a different perspective. 

Studies show that reading in a foreign language promotes empathy and communication and this is because people are able to understand each other more easily. And in today’s world, having a fresh perspective on things is key to making better decisions.

Sam from iCarly reading a book Learn a new language