House & Furniture: How To Talk About The Home In Japanese

20 August 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Kentaro Toma

New house, who dis? You’ve moved to the lovely country of Japan. You’ve found a beautiful modern Japanese home with 3 rooms and 2 baths, and you’re itching to finish furnishing it for a home tour that will make you feel like a star of Architectural Digest’s Open Door series. However, you’re just not ready yet. You still need to go to the store to get a couple more lamps, some pillows for the guest room, curtains for all of your 10 windows, extra blankets to keep you warm, a pantryful of food, and many more. Oh my, what a laundry list!

Since you use household items on a daily basis, learning what they are called in Japanese (or whatever your target language is) is essential. The vocabulary is not too difficult to memorize, because you can use real items to help you remember their names. Sometimes, the words even sound similar to its English translation like "curtain" in English is カーテン or ka-ten in Japanese.

If you ever visit the homes of your Japanese neighbors, remember these housekeeping rules:
    ●    Arrive on time
            ◦    It is best to come on time to avoid inconveniencing the host. If you are running
                  late, call the host to let them know.
    ●    Don’t invite others without asking for permission
            ◦    Avoid inviting others without permission, because doing so is impolite and
    ●    Bring a small gift
            ◦    Bring your host a small gift like a box of desserts, a bottle of wine, or a small fruit
                  basket. This is a gracious way of thanking your host for the invitation.
    ●    Take off your shoes before entering the house
            ◦    Take off your shoes and place them neatly at the edge of the genkan.

House Rooms
or Katakana
House いえ ie
Bedroom 寝室 しんしつ shin shitsu
Dining room 食 堂 しょくど shokudō
Living room 居 間 いま ima
Kitchen 台 所 だいどろこ dai dokoro
Garage 車庫 しゃこ shako
Bathroom お 風 呂 おふろ / トイレ ofuro / toire
Toilet 便 所 べんじょ benjo
Garden にわ niwa
Closet 押入れ おしいれ oshiire

Japanese House

House Items
or Katakana
Chair 椅子 いす isu
Lamp 電 灯 らんぷ ranpu
Pillow まくら makura
Wardrobe 洋 服 ダ ン ス よふく ダンス yōfuku dansu
Blanket 毛 布 もふ mōfu
Bookcase 書 棚 しょだな shodana
Table せんたく き sentaku-ki
Curtain カーテン ka-ten
Mirror かがみ kagami
Bed ベ ッ ド beddo
Refrigerator 冷蔵庫 れいぞうこ reizouko
Oven オーブン o-bun
Chopsticks はし hashi
Spoon スプーン supu-n
Fork フォーク fo-ku
Knife ナイフ naifu
Cup カップ kappu
Broom ほうき houki
Microwave マイクロウェーブ maikuro~ēbu
Clock 時 計 とけい tokei
Faucet 蛇口 じゃぐち jaguchi
Mat たたみ tatami
Calendar カレンダー karenda
Window まど mado
Key かぎ kagi
Plate お皿 おさら osara
Trash can ごみ箱 ごみばこ gomibako

Japanese House

Unsplash: Chris Lawton

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