Easy Polish Phrases & Simple Questions To Master

27 March 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: Angela Franklin

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the saying that learning Polish is not that easy. Well, if you think about it, learning any new language is always challenging; nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. And that goes the same for when you start your language studies in Polish. At first, it will seem difficult and you might even have moments of confusion especially when you start seeing the consonant clusters placed side by side. Oh no. But, don’t let this scare you because these series of consonants aren’t that bad. And if you think about it, these consonant clusters kind of make the Polish language distinctly Polish. Anyway, here’s a short list of easy Polish phrases and simple questions that you can learn for the time being.

Simple Phrases

  • Hi: Cześć (cheshch)
  • Good morning: Dzień dobry (jen doh-bri)
  • Good evening: Dobry wieczór (doh-bri vye-choor)
  • Good night: Dobranoc (doh-bra-nots)
  • Goodbye: Do widzenia (do vit-zen-ya)
  • Thank you: Dziękuję (jen-ku-yeh)
  • You’re welcome: Nie ma za co (nye ma za tso)
  • Yes: Tak (tak)
  • No: Nie (nyeh)
  • Okay / Yeah: No (noh)
  • Cheers: Na zdrowie (nah zdro-vyeh)

Questions in Polish

  • How are you: Jak się masz (yak sche mas)
  • How’s the weather: Jaka jest pogoda (ya-ka yest po-go-da)
  • How much is this: Ile to kosztuje (ee-leh toh kosh-tu-yeh)
  • What is this called: Jak to się nazywa (yak toh sche na-zeh-va)
  • What time is it: Która jest godzina (k-to-ra yest go-ji-nah)
  • Where is the restroom: Gdzie jest toaleta (gdjeh yest to-ah-leh-ta)
  • Where is the library: Gdzie jest biblioteka (gdjeh yest bib-li-oh-teh-ka)
  • Where is the supermarket: Gdzie jest supermarket (gdjeh yest su-per-mar-ket)
  • When is your birthday: Kiedy są Twoje urodziny (kye-deh so tvo-yeh u-roh-dje-neh)
  • What is your name: Jak masz na imię (yak mash na im-yeh)
  • What is your favorite color: Jaki jest Twój ulubiony kolor (ya-ki yest tvoy uh-lu-bi-oh-nee ko-lor)