The Weather Report: How To Talk About The Weather In French

25 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Peter Secan

Are you tired of small talk in English and ready to spice things up with some French weather talk? Well, you’re in the right place for that. Whether you're planning a trip to France or just wanting to enhance your French skills to impress your French-speaking buddies, understanding how to express yourself about the weather in this romance language is essential. In this guide, we will cover the basics of talking about the weather in French, including common phrases and vocabulary, so you can feel confident discussing the forecast en français.

How to talk about the weather
  • What’s the weather like? – Quel temps fait-il?
  • What’s the weather forecast? – Quelle est la météo?
  • What’s the temperature? – Quelle est la température?
  • How much is it outside? – Combien fait-il dehors?

How to describe the weather
  • There’s sunshine. – There’s sunshine.
  • There's a thunderstorm. – Il y a un orage.
  • There’s thunder. – Il y a du tonnerre.
  • There’s lightning. – Il y a de la foudre.
  • There’s black ice. – Il y a du verglas.
  • There’s wind. – Il y a du vent.

How to describe the temperature
  • It’s nice out. – Il fait beau.
  • It’s cold. – Il fait froid.
  • It’s hot. – Il fait chaud.
  • It’s bad. – Il fait mauvais.
  • It’s cloudy. – Il fait nuageux.
  • It’s cool. – Il fait frais.
  • It’s windy. – Il y a du vent
  • It’s sunny. – Il y a du soleil.
  • It’s foggy. – Il y a du brouillard.
  • It’s raining. – Il pleut.
  • It’s raining hard. – Il y a une forte pluie.
  • It’s snowing. – Il neige
  • It’s humid. – Il fait humide
  • It’s stormy. – Il fait orageux.
  • It’s freezing. – Il gèle
  • It’s chilly. – Il fait frais

Weather Vocabulary
  • Thunder – Le tonnerre
  • Storm – La tempête
  • Ice – La glace
  • Rain – La pluie
  • Cloud – Le nuage
  • Sun – Le soleil
  • Hail – La grêle
  • Lightning – L’éclair