Slang Time: Learn What “Chad” & More Gen Z Slang Terms Mean

13 July 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Netflix / Never Have I Ever

Language is a very colorful thing. Or is language even a thing? However you may think of language, it is very much agreed that it is indeed very colorful. It is more colorful than five 120 Crayola crayon box sets combined. Especially when you take into account the catalog of catchy slang words out there.

And, like in any other language, English itself has a lot of slang words. Funny slang words. Unexpected slang words. Ironic slang words. Clever slang words. Random slang words. Interesting slang words. Humorous slang words. A list of slang words as long as Santa’s Naughty or Nice List. Furthermore, you hear these slang words circulating a lot on the interwebs, in conversations, and on movies and television shows. That’s because these phrases are an important part of the current times. There’s just no way of escaping these terms. But do you know what these slang terms are and what they mean?

  • Based: to agree with something
  • Chad: a term to describe a stereotypical “alpha male” (not a compliment); a Chad generally looks very attractive and very tall and very muscular, with sometimes a very emphasized jawline
  • Mid: average or poor quality
  • Fr: another way to say for real
  • Pick me girl: a way to refer to a type of girl who thinks she (they) is unlike other girls (not a compliment)
  • Ion: another way to say I don’t
  • NPC: an acronym for the term non-player character; someone who is predictable
  • Soft-launch: a preview or a teaser about something or someone special (or a significant other) on social media
  • Touch grass: to go outside
  • Simp: a term referring to a person who gives their all to the person they like but receives nothing in return
  • Hits different: a situation that feels different than usual
  • It’s giving: a phrase used to describe something that triggers a certain mood or feeling: “it’s giving (something)”
  • Era: a particular period of time recognized for something
  • Gatekeeper: someone who determines who does or doesn't have rights to something
  • Situationship: an undefined romantic or sexual relationship
  • Rizz: to describe someone’s appeal and charm
  • Main character: a way to describe someone as the main protagonist
  • Sleeping on: underestimating something
  • I’m weak: another way to say I’m dead
  • Sis: a friend; short version of the word sister
  • Sending me: to describe a situation that is eliciting a strong reaction
  • Bussin: something that is really, really, really good
  • Guap: a lot of money
  • Gagged: to be amazed or shocked
  • Mother: a way to describe an iconic and beloved, famous person (most of the time it refers to a woman or any woman-identifying person)
  • Only in Ohio: a way to describe a strange and unusual situation