“Ouzo” And Other Popular Greek Beverages To Try

21 March 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: marco barsotti

When you think of Greece, you think of its glistening sun, collection of islands, bewildering beaches, and ancient villages. Then, you think of the many delicious Greek foods like souvlaki and spanakopita and bougatsa and taramasalata and gyro and… wait, do I need to say more or are you already hungry? Sorry about that, but when it comes to Greek cuisine, there are just so many tasty and healthy options to choose from.

Just as there are a lot of choices for Greek food, there are also countless fantastic drink selections for you to sip. In fact, this Mediterranean country considers social drinking as part of Greek culture. But let me emphasize social drinking, because this type of drinking is done moderately rather than excessively. Also, even children are given a tiny glass of watered-down wine during a meal for a taste.

So when in Greece, enjoy the beauty of the country, immerse in the culture, and drink the Greek way, which is by drinking responsibly and moderately. To help you figure out what glass to pick up, here's a brief list to get you started. Yamas!

How to order a drink
  • How much is this: Πόσο κάνει αυτό (póso káni aftó)
  • One beer, please: Μία μπύρα παρακαλώ (mia beera parakalo)
  • I would like a beer: Θα ήθελα μια μπύρα (tha ithela mía bíra)
  • I would like coffee, please: Θα ήθελα καφέ παρακαλώ (tha íthela kafé parakaló)
  • The bill, please: Το λογαριασμό παρακαλώ (to logariasmó parakaló)
  • Cheers: Γεια μας (yia mas)
    Greek Drinks
  • Coffee: Καφές (kaphes)
  • Beer: Μπύρα (beeah)
  • Tea: Τσάι (tsai)
  • Water: Νερό (nehroh)
  • Mineral water: Μεταλλικό Νερό (metaliko nero)
  • Hot chocolate: Ζεστή Σοκολάτα (zesti sokolatah)
  • Espresso: Εσπρέσο (esprehso)
  • Latte: Λάτε (lahteh)
  • Milk: Γάλα (gala)
  • Orange juice: Χυμός Πορτοκάλι (chymos portokali)
  • Soda: Σόδα (soda)
  • Coke: Κόκα Κόλα (koka kola)
  • Lemonade: Λεμονάδα (lehmonadah)
  • Juice: Χυμός (khimos)
    Popular Greek Beverages
  • Ouzo: a water-diluted, anise-flavored beverage with neutral alcohol that has been flavored with a variety of botanicals
  • Frappé: prepared with ice, water, and instant coffee then the mixture is shaken or blended with a hand mixer
  • Vinsanto: a dessert wine prepared from sun-dried Assyrtiko and Aidani grapes
  • Greek coffee: strongly brewed coffee with thick foam on top
  • Rakomelo: can be made with honey and warm spirit (tsikoudia or raki)
  • Metaxa: a highly well-liked Greek spirit created from brandy that is typically aged for at least three years