K-Beauty Glossary: Skincare & Makeup Terms In Korean

13 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Ashley Piszek

When it comes to starting a skincare and a makeup routine, it is important to know what is going on with your skin and the types of products you are applying to it. After all, you don’t want to apply something that could irritate it. Your skin is delicate and sensitive, therefore, you must take very good care of it so you can keep it healthy and happy, no matter the season.

In this self-care line (because looking good & feeling good are all under self-care, and self-care is for everyone), we’ve all heard of the amazing Korean skincare and cosmetic products. These world-class products are popular for two reasons. They are proven effective. And they are also very affordable. So if you’re looking to build up and or enhance your self-care setup, learn more about K-beauty and feel free to try some products carefully.

Fun fact: South Korea has a long and rich tradition of skincare, which dates back to the three Kingdom Eras of Goguryeo, Baekje, and Shilla.

  • makeup: 화장 (hwajang)
  • cosmetics: 화장품 (hwajangpum)
  • make-up remover: 리무버 (rimubeo)
  • essence: 에센스 (esenseu)
  • face oil: 페이스오일 (peiseuoil)
  • pimples: 여드름 (yeodeuleum)
  • milk cleanser: 밀크 클렌저가 (milkeu keullenjeoga)
  • face mask: 얼굴 마스크 (eolgul maseukeu)
  • hand cream: 핸드크림 (haendeukeulim)
  • deodorant: 데오도란트 (de-odolanteu)
  • body wash: 바디클렌저 (badikeullenjeo)
  • body mist: 바디미스트 (badimiseuteu)
  • sheet mask: 시트 마스크 (siteu maseukeu)
  • eye cream: 아이크림 (aikeulim)
  • cream: 크림 (keulim)
  • eyelash curler: 뷰러 (byuleo)
  • cleansing water: 클렌징 워터 (keullenjing woteo)
  • nose strip: 코팩 (kopaeg)
  • spot treatment: 트러블 스팟 (teuleobeul seupas)
  • emulsion: 에멀전 (emeoljeon)
  • mist: 미스트 (miseuteu)
  • lip gloss: 립글로스 (libgeulloseu)
  • lip balm: 립밤 (libgeulloseu)
  • mascara: 마스카라 (maseukala)
  • primer: 프라이머 (peulaimeo)
  • BB cream: 비비그림 (bibigeulim)
  • nail polish: 네일컬러 (neilkeolleo)
  • lipstick: 립스틱 (libseutig)
  • blush: 블러셔 (beulleosyeo)
  • moisturizing cream: 수분 크림 (subun keulim)
  • foundation: 파운데이션 (paundeisyeon)
  • highlighter: 하이라이터 (hailaiteo)
  • waterproof eyeliner: 워터프루프 아이라이너 (woteopeulupeu ailaineo)
  • powder: 파우더 (paudeo)
  • makeup palette: 메이크업 팔레트 (meikeueob palleteu)
  • body scrub: 바디스크럽 (badiseukeuleob)
  • sleeping mask: 슬리핑팩 (seullipingpaeg)