How The Rest Of The World Celebrates Mother’s Day

April 23, 2022
By Nidia Cuan
Unsplash: Jon Tyson

Unsplash: Jon Tyson

When we’re feeling sad and lonely, we can count on our dearest mothers for comfort. A warm hug from her can make us feel at home and one phone call from her can silence our worries away. The undeniable love we receive from our mothers makes the world sweeter and a little bit more special. And it is for this reason that we have Mother's Day to celebrate and honor her. So to all our mothers and mother figures: Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all the adventures, the delicious cookies, and for always knowing what’s best.

In many countries all over the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated to recognize the importance and influence of mothers in our society. The celebration happens once a year and it can last from one day to several days. However, any day of the year can be Mother’s Day for we should celebrate our mothers, not just one time a year but all 365 days of the year, even on rainy and stormy days.

It’s a privilege to be able to say Happy Mother’s Day to a loved one. So if you can and when you can, say those precious words and savor the moment. Bake a pie or a cake. Get fresh flowers and cute plants. And of course, call your mom and spend time with your family. After all, the best gift to give is time. Love yah, mom.

Ethiopia: Antrosht Festival

As part of the Antrosht festival, Ethiopians celebrate Mother's Day for three days towards the end of the rainy season. Traditionally, daughters bring in cheese, spices, and vegetables. The sons, on the other hand, supply the meat like bull and lamb. And the entire family is invited to attend the celebration, which will include plenty of food, singing and dancing, and telling stories of family heroes.

  • ሁሌም ከጎኔ ስለሆንክ አመሰግናለሁ። እወድሻለሁ እናቴ! (hulēmi kegonē silehonachihu āmeseginalehu። inatē iwedishalehu! ) – Thank you for always being by my side. I love you mom!
  • በአለም ላይ ምርጥ እናት ነሽ። (be’ālemi layi mirit’i inati neshi።) – Thank you for always being by my side. I love you mom!

United Kingdom: Mothering Sunday

Mother's Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as Mothering Sunday. The tradition began in the Middle Ages as a method for daughters who had been gone working as servants for wealthy families to return to their "mother church" and visit their families. The children used to pick flowers and bake a special cake known as Simnel Cake or Mothering Cake to give to their mothers. Mothering Sunday is still observed today with the giving of gifts and flowers, the baking of special cakes, and the cooking of special dinners in honor of Mom.

  • To the sweetest mother in the world, have a wonderful Mother’s Day! -
  • Hugs and kisses, love you Mum! -

Japan: 母の日 (Ha ha No Hi)

On every second Sunday of May, children in Japan get up early to greet their mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day” with a delicious egg breakfast such as tamagoyaki or chawanmushi and a bouquet of fresh flowers. On this special day, the gifting of flowers like roses (which symbolize love, beauty, faith, and honor) and carnations (which symbolize purity and sweetness) is an important tradition for many Japanese families.

  • お母さん、いつもありがとう。(Okaasan itsumo arigatou.) – Mom, thank you for everything.
  • お母さん、愛しています。(Okaasan daisuki da yo.) – Mom, I love you.

Peru: Feliz Dia Mama

One of the most popular celebrations in all of Peru is Mother’s Day which takes place every second Sunday of May. The special occasion is a week-long celebration that includes gift-giving, family get-togethers, and large feasts. Peruvians also gather at the cemetery to honor deceased loved ones (mother, grandmother, wife, sister, and aunt) by decorating their graves and offering flowers and other trinkets.

  • Eres la madre más asombrosa. – You are the most amazing mother.
  • Siempre te llevo en mi corazón. – I will always carry you in my heart.

Thailand: Wan Mae

Mother's Day is a Thai national holiday that falls on August 12th, which also happens to be the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother. On this day, an alms-giving ceremony is held in the morning for the country's Buddhist monks. Schools also hold ceremonies with performances that kids have been practicing for weeks, and each child kneels at the mothers feet to show respect and gratitude for everything she has done. In Thai culture, jasmine is the traditional gift on this special occasion, as the fragrant flower is associated with purity and grace.

  • Suksan Wan Mae. (สุขสันต์วันแม่) – Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Rak Mae. (รักแม่) – I love you, Mom.

France: La Fête de Mères

In France, Mothers Day is celebrated on the final Sunday in May or the first Sunday in June, and it has been celebrated since the 1800s. The special day was first established by Napoleon I to honor the mothers of large families whose husbands fought in World War I. Mother’s Day in France is a treasured family tradition where mothers are presented with flowers, cakes, chocolates, handmade gifts, letters, special meals, and more.

  • Je t’aime maman. – I love you, mom.
  • A la plus merveilleuse des mamans. – To the most wonderful mom.
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