Learn How To Write The Months Of The Year In Mandarin Chinese

23 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Unsplash: billow926

Saying you cannot learn how to write and say the months of the year in Mandarin Chinese is so last year. And that’s because underestimating yourself is so last season and out of season. Why would you do even that to yourself, especially when learning a new language like Mandarin Chinese is just right in front of you? So take a breather and shake off those pesky and icky I-cannot-do-this thoughts. You don’t need them. All you need are two things: this list and trust that you’re going to learn this vocabulary set.

The months of the year in Mandarin Chinese are easy to remember because they are numbered in order from 1 to 12. Really, the months are numbered in order from 1 to 12. So if you think about it, the months kind of help you with your counting (in Mandarin Chinese as well). Kind of neat, huh.

  • January: 一月, yī yuè (ee yu-eh)
  • February: 二月, èr yuè (ar yu-eh)
  • March: 三月, sān yuè (san yu-eh)
  • April: 四月, sì yuè (suh yu-eh)
  • May: 五月, wǔ yuè (woo yu-eh)
  • June: 六月, liù yuè (lyoh yu-eh)
  • July: 七月, qī yuè (chee yu-eh)
  • August: 八月, bā yuè (bah yu-eh)
  • September: 九月, jiǔ yuè (jyo yu-eh)
  • October: 十月, shí yuè (shir yu-eh)
  • November: 十一月, shí yī yuè (shir ee yu-eh)
  • December: 十二月, shí èr yuè (shir ar yu-eh)
  • today: 今天, jīn tiān (jeen tyan)
  • tomorrow: 明天, míng tiān (ming tyan)
  • yesterday: 昨天, zuó tiān (zwaw tyan)
  • this month: 这个月, zhè ge yuè (jeh guh yweh)
  • last month: 上个月, shàng ge yuè (shahng guh yweh)
  • next month: 下个月, xià ge yuè (shyah guh yweh)
  • holiday: 节日, jié rì (jyeh ree)
  • birthday: 生日, shēng rì (shung ree)
  • lunar calendar: 阴历, yīn lì (een lee)
  • calendar: 日历, rì lì (ree lee)
  • Chinese lunar calendar: 农历, nóng lì (nong lee)
  • Gregorian calendar: 公历, gōng lì (gong lee)