The best way to learn Spanish on your own

With only 10 minutes per day, quickly expand your vocabulary in Spanish through stories, songs and news from around the globe.

How to learn Spanish through audiobooks and songs?

Science has shown that the best way to learn any language is by reading or listening to something you’re interested in. This is why we have developed a unique method using audiobooks and songs that you can explore with both Spanish and your mother tongue side-by-side.

Reading a text or the lyrics of a song in two languages simultaneously will allow you to better understand how Spanish works in real life. It will also help you expand your vocabulary and maintain more fluent conversations. Also, as every piece of content in our library is narrated by a native voice actor, you’ll be able to improve your pronunciation.

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Why is it important to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the official language in over 20 countries, and has over 500 million native speakers.

If you’re an avid traveler, mastering this language will enable you to get fully immersed into the cultures of Latin America, Spain, and even Equatorial Guinea in Africa, and seamlessly blend with the locals. In the professional aspect, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina are emerging markets with plenty of opportunities to do business, whilst Spain is a consolidated, major economy.

Spanish for kids

In the BeKids section on our app, we have more than 20 texts specifically designed for children who study Spanish. Popular children’s books such as Prometheus and Pandoras Box and Mulan are available for the youngest learners to read with English and Spanish side-by-side.

From basic, to advanced

By only practicing for 10 minutes per day, you will easily and quickly improve your Spanish fluency. No matter how basic or advanced your level is, the Beelinguapp method was developed to help you expand your vocabulary and skills in another language in a way that not only is natural, but also entertaining and not monotonous.

Spanish for beginners

You don’t already need to be an advanced learner to make the most out of Beelinguapp. In fact, our app is perfect for beginners, and can also function as a fantastic complement to formal Spanish classes or other language apps you may be using. In our library of audiobooks and songs, youll find content tailored to every level, so you can keep challenging yourself as you improve.

Even better, it is possible to change the speed at which the dialogue is being read; just click the middle icon in the top right corner and choose your preferred speed. This will make it easier for you to carefully listen to a word you are not familiar with or a sentence cannot fully understand.

Any place is the best place

Whether it is at home, at school, in the office or on the go, you can always have a reading or listening session with Beelinguapp. And because of the fact that our method teaches you an applied form of Spanish, you will learn as quickly as if you moved to Buenos Aires, Mexico City or Barcelona!

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How long does it take to learn Spanish fluently?

It all comes down to how consistently you study and practice, as well as your learning method. If you rely entirely on apps or courses that only show you new vocabulary, but never show you how to actually use it, it may take longer for you to achieve a good proficiency level.
On the other hand, if you make Spanish part of your daily routine by reading and listening to it, you will likely become fluent considerably sooner! What’s more, if you’re engaging with content you actively enjoy, you’ll be far more likely to keep it up long-term.

What is the easiest way to learn Spanish?

Having a good grasp of grammar, vocabulary and spelling is crucial, but what will truly help you become fluent is reading and listening to content in Spanish. Once you have built up a decent level of vocabulary, we strongly recommend seeking out Spanish speakers in your area to practice your skills in conversation. This way, you will master the language without needing to move to a country where it is spoken!

How many hours per day are needed to learn Spanish?

If you’re consistent, you don’t even need a full hour each day to make progress. As long as you spend at least 10 minutes practicing it each day, you will gradually become more fluent. Of course, the more time you spend daily reading or listening in Spanish, the faster you’ll learn.

Is it hard to learn Spanish?

It depends on your native language. For speakers of languages outside of the Romance family, it could be challenging to understand the gender of nouns (e.g. “silla” (chair) is a female noun). But by reading or listening to content in Spanish, you will absorb details like these faster than you would through a more traditional method.