“Canım” & More Turkish Terms of Endearment

29 May 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House
Kocan Kadar Konuş: Diriliş

Calling someone a pet name is like saying a magic spell, an affectionate magic spell that represents closeness of some sort. One reason is probably because this specific magic spell is strictly limited to the people you already know and share some affection with. Because, as you know, you don’t really say this to strangers. Or do you? Well, I don’t.

In Turkish, pet names are extra special because they are used with the possessive determiner “my.” So when you hear someone address someone else with an affectionate nickname in Turkish, you are usually hearing “my darling” or “my honey booboo sweet potato pie” not just “darling” or “honey booboo sweet potato pie.” Isn’t that sweet? Romantic? Cheesy but enough to just make you swoon? Or maybe I’ve just had enough of the Bridgerton romantic madness that’s why I am finding this more charming than ever.

  • my love: aşkım (ash-kuhm)
  • my honey: balım (bah-luhm)
  • my life: hayatım (hah-yah-tuhm)
  • my baby: bebeğim (beh-beh-eem)
  • my darling: sevgilim (sev-gee-leem)
  • my angel: meleğim (meh-leh-eem)
  • my soulmate: ikizim (ee-kee-zeem)
  • my sweetie: tatlım (taht-luhm)
  • my lamb: kuzum (koo-zoom)
  • my rose: gülüm (goo-loom)
  • my eyes: gözlerim (gez-leh-reem)
  • my flower: çiçeğim (chee-cheh-eem)
  • my sweetheart: canım (jah-nuhm)
  • my soul: canım (jah-nuhm)
  • my bird: kuşum (koo-shum)
  • my life: canım (jah-nuhm)
  • my breath: nefesim (neh-feh-seem)