Ewokese Language: How To Speak Like An Ewok

29 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Star Wars

Ewoks are these fluffy, curious, small creatures with a teddy bear like fur in different shades of warm and muted colors. They are native to the forest moon of Endor. They like to sing and play music. They are very spiritual and are very connected with the nature around them. They also believe that they come from the sacred tree in the forest called the “Great Tree” and they worship a deity called “Spirit of the Forest.” These furry and cuddly-looking beings are about 1 meter tall or 3 feet and 2 inches tall. You can say that they are definitely cute and fuzzy like a plush toy. But you better not forget that these (fictional) Ewoks are extremely fearsome and highly skilled in forest survival. So beware and be careful if ever you see them around as they are not totally friendly.

You’d be able to spot an Ewok when you see one at a distance, that’s for certain. However, they are only present in the Star Wars Universe. Therefore, it might be unlikely to spot one walking around your neighborhood. Unless you live in the Star Wars Universe? And if you do encounter an Ewok somehow, just remember that even though they are fictional characters, they don’t speak and understand the language you’re speaking. That’s because they speak and understand their own language which is known as the Ewokese Language. Ewokese is a constructed language and it doesn’t sound remotely close to English at all, but some of its basic words are not too challenging to learn for any person living on Earth.

  • father: deej
  • mother: shodu
  • sister: freet
  • brother: fruk
  • hey: ee choya
  • wow: ee chee wa maa
  • never: eleeo
  • hello: sku
  • thank you: teeha
  • goodbye: yeha
  • how much: labu labu
  • no: den
  • yes: chak
  • maybe: danthee
  • help: chyasee
  • be careful: danvay
  • greetings: Yaa-yaah
  • let’s go: Yub yub
  • hi: goopa
  • hold on: Grenchicit
  • stop: Na goo
  • love: nuv
  • may I have: Chiotto
  • now: Sta
  • please: Gyeesh
  • ready: Kra
  • come: Tyatee
  • what happened: tyeht danti
  • tell / say: Yekyit
  • food: manna manna
  • what is that: Eyok-nee-chug
  • beware: Che womok
  • may I have: chiotto
  • free / liberty: che
  • far away: bok chuu-ock
  • celebrate: allayloo
  • friend: jeerota
  • how: kash
  • okay: acha
  • can you: coro
  • forest: ​​eekeekeek
  • evil: ehda
  • plant: feef
  • monster: graks
  • medicine: fektur
  • drink: gleeg
  • danger: hutar
  • who: kush
  • sing: lulalar
  • beautiful: luu