Basic Russian Greetings & Easy Phrases

22 March 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Pujalin

You know what never goes out of style? Learning basic phrases in your target language. And if that target language is Russian, then yes learning basic phrases in Russian never goes out of style. Also, learning these commonly used phrases is a very great foundation for your mastery of the Russian language.

As you know, basic phrases are used in almost every single conversation. Like when you ask a yes or no question. Or like when you greet someone hello or bid someone farewell. Or when you ask for the bathroom. Or even when you buy food. That’s why these phrases are called essential phrases, as they are important and essential for both local speakers and language learners. So, instead of dilly-dallying, here’s a short list of essential phrases you need to learn in Russian.

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  • good morning: доброе утро (do-bro-ye ut-ro)
  • good day: добрый день (do-bryy den)
  • good afternoon: добрый день (do-bryy den)
  • good evening: добрый вечер (do-bryy ve-cher)
  • good night: доброй ночи (do-broy no-chi)
  • hello: привет (pri-vyet)
  • hi: привет (pri-vyet)
  • bye: пока (pa-ka)
  • goodbye: до свидания (da svee-dan-ya)
  • see you soon: до скорого (da sko-ro-go)
  • thank you: спасибо (spa-see-ba)
  • thank you very much: спасибо большое (spa-see-ba bol-sho-yeh)
  • you’re welcome: пожалуйста (po-zhals-ta)
  • excuse me: извините (eez-vee-nee-teh)
  • yes: да (da)
  • no: нет (nyet)
  • maybe: может быть (mo-zhet byt)
  • please: пожалуйста (po-zhals-ta)
  • I love you: я тебя люблю (ya teb-ya lyu-blyu)
  • how are you: как дела (kak de-la)
  • can I pay by credit card: можно заплатить кредитной карточкой (mozh-no zap-la-tit kre-dit-noy kar-tach-koy)
  • where is the toilet: где туалет (g-de tu-ah-let)