The Sopranos Dictionary: Learn “Marone” & More Italian American Slangs

19 October 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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The Sopranos

If you’ve seen the American Drama series The Sopranos, then you must remember T – the one and only Tony Soprano. He is kind of brutish and intimidating; at the same time, he’s a funny, charming family man. Perhaps, one of his friends, called Salvatore or Pussy, would even say that he is a stand-up guy. Alright, that idea might be up for a long debate, so we can discuss that at a later time. Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with important details or spill some spoilers but if you have extra time, you should plan on watching this show.

On another note, this series will give you a glimpse into the diverse Italian-American heritage, which is a huge part of American culture and society. It will even give you an impression of how complex these characters are and how their identities go beyond their appearance and words. And, let’s not forget that the show never hesitated to highlight stereotypes associated with Italian-American culture, especially the use of Italian-American slang words that are commonly used within the Italian community on the East Coast of the US. You’ll know what they are once you hear them. But if you don’t, here’s a list to get you started.

  1. gabagool: aka capicola; a popular type of dry-cured, cold cut
  2. marone: damn it
  3. goombah: a companion
  4. goomah: a mistress; a lover; a girlfriend
  5. mezza morta: half-dead
  6. facia bruta: ugly face
  7. schifosa: ugly woman
  8. prujoot: aka prosciutto; uncooked, dry-cured ham
  9. sfacime / sfacim: a slang and friendly term of endearment for an asshole
  10. chiacchierone: a talker
  11. capicola: aka gabagool; a popular type of dry-cured, cold cut
  12. consigliere: a family advisor
  13. stugots: a jerk
  14. capo: aka Caporegime; a high ranking member of the mafia who leads a crew
  15. piacere: “please to meet you”
  16. oogatz / oogats: aka nothing
  17. oobats: crazy
  18. mozarelle / mutz / mutzadell: aka mozzarella cheese
  19. caporegime: aka capo; a high ranking member of the mafia who leads a crew
  20. manigot: aka manicotti; an Italian pasta dish filled with ricotta
  21. googootz: a term of endearment to call someone; an Italian slang for zucchini
  22. strunz: a jerk
  23. pasta fazool: aka pasta e fagioli or pasta and bean soup
  24. sfogliatelle: an Italian pastry; also called lobster tail in the US
  25. cannoli: a Sicilian pastry with a sweet, creamy filling
  26. tiramisu: a creamy, coffee-flavored Italian dessert