“Peony” and 15 More Commonly Mispronounced English Words

05 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Charlotte Harrison

A New Year marks new beginning. Therefore,mistakesof the past should no longer be rehashed for this new chapter. That includes mispronouncing words. To be fair, we all (both native speakers and second-language speakers) have mispronounced many, many words. And that is totally okay because sometimes words are really, really finicky, that their “correct pronunciation” is not that easy. Also, there is no such thing as "perfect pronunciation," as everyone pronounces a word or two slightly differently, regardless of their background or level of fluency in a language. ”

To those who are struggling with English pronunciation, don’t stress and don’t worry. Because even native English speakers have trouble pronouncing words. Yes, it is true that native English speakers even have issues pronouncing words. Check this list to find out which words made the list of frequently mispronounced English words and learn how to pronounce them correctly.

1. Worcestershire

What not to say: wor-ses-ter-shire

What to say: woos-ter-sher

Definition: (noun) a type of sauce made in Worcester which is a city of Worcestershire, England

2. Mischievous

What not to say:mis-cheev-yee-ous

What to say: mis-chiv-ous

Definition: (adjective) someone or something that causes trouble

3. Forte

What not to say: fort

What to say: for-tay

Definition: (noun) something that someone is an expert of; (adverb)

something played loudly

4. Sherbet

What not to say: sher-bert

What to say: sher-bet

Definition: (noun) frozen dairy dessert

5. Cache

What not to say: ca-shay

What to say: cash

Definition: (noun) anything that is hidden; (noun) a hiding place for stuff; (verb) to hide

6. Foliage

What not to say: foil-age

What to say: foh-li-age

Definition: (noun) a bunch of leaves and branches for decoration; (noun) leaves and branches

7. Mauve

What not to say: mawv

What to say: maav

Definition: (adjective) a shade of light purple

8. Prerogative

What not to say: pe-ro-ga-tiv

What to say: pre-ro-ga-tive

Definition: (noun) a right to something; (adjective) exercising a right or a privilege

9. Probably

What not to say: pro-bly

What to say: pro-bab-ly

Definition: (adverb) something that is very likely

10. Epitome

What not to say: eh-pee-towm

What to say: eh-pih-toh-me

Definition: a perfect example of something

11. Silicon

What not to say: sih-lih-cone

What to say: si-lih-ken

Definition: (noun) a nonmetallic, gray element used in making electronic circuits

12. Moot

What not to say: mute

What to say: moot

Definition: (adjective) debatable; (noun) a meeting organized for a discussion; (verb) to bring something up for a debate

13. Mayonnaise

What not to say: may-nase

What to say: may-oh-nase

Definition: (noun) a creamy, thick, white condiment made from egg yolks, oil, and vinegar

14. Cupboard

What not to say: cup-board

What to say: cuh-bird

Definition: furniture that holds items

15. Peony

What not to say: peh–yo-nee

What to say: pee-uh-nee

Definition: a flowering plant

16. Salmon

What not to say: sal-mon

What to say: sah-mon

Definition: a type of fish

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