“Ciao” & Many More Italian Greetings That Locals Use

21 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Giusy Iaria

When you enter a shop, what is the first thing you hear? For me, the first thing I hear is usually a bell or something similar, and that ding is then followed by a greeting. When I hear that greeting, I usually feel warm and welcome. But when I don’t hear that greeting, I just feel neutral. I think. All I know and remember is that I just feel like how I felt minutes ago before I entered the premises. On another note, I have a friend who pays very close attention to the greetings he receives when entering an establishment. He doesn’t want a red carpet greeting from the place, but he does appreciate hearing a simple hello. According to him, this friendly gesture leaves a positive, lasting impression, and sometimes it even brings in good luck. And I do agree with him because I also think that a greeting is always memorable. Besides, saying a quick hello or an easy bye isn’t too bad and too scary, so why not share a polite greeting in English or Italian for a stroke of luck, eh?

  1. Hello: Ciao (chow)
  2. Good day: Buongiorno (bwohn-jiorno)
  3. Good morning: Buongiorno (bwohn-jorno)
  4. Good morning: Buondì (bwon-dee)
  5. Good afternoon: Buona sera (bwona serah)
  6. Good afternoon: Buon pomeriggio (bwon pohm-eh-ree-jo)
  7. Good evening: Buona sera (bwona serah)
  8. Good night: Buona notte (bwon-ah not-eh)
  9. Hello: Salve (sal-veh)
  10. Hello (when answering the phone): Pronto (pron-toh)
  11. Hey: Ehi (ey)
  12. Hey: Ehilà (ey-la)
  13. Hey: Ueilà (wey-la) / Weilà (wey-la)
  14. Hey (in Roman dialect): Aó (ah-ow)
  15. How are you: Come va? (com-eh vah)
  16. Hi, how are you: Ciao, come stai? (chow cm-eh sta-ee)
  17. Welcome: Benvenuto (ben-ven-oo-toh)
  18. How are you: Come sta? (com-eh sta)
  19. How are you: Come stai? (com-eh sta-ee)
  20. Nice to meet you: Piacere di conoscerti (pya-che-reh di coh-noh-sher-tee)
  21. Excuse me: Mi scusi (mi skoo-zee)
  22. Hello dear (feminine): Ciao cara (chow cara)
  23. Hello dear (masculine): Ciao caro (chow caro)
  24. Goodbye: Arrivederci (arri-ved-ertchi)
  25. Until next time: Alla prossima (alla pros-sima)
  26. See you soon: A presto (ah presto)
  27. Take care (singular form): Stammi bene (stammi be-neh)
  28. Take care (plural form): Statemi bene (sta-te-mi be-neh)
  29. Farewell: Addio (ad-dee-yo)
  30. See you around: Ci vediamo (chi vee-dee-ah-mo)
  31. Have a nice day: Buona giornata (bwona jor-nah-ta)
  32. Have a good evening: Buona serata (bwona seh-rah-ta)
  33. Bye bye: Ciao ciao (chow chow)