53 Must Know Scottish Words & Their Meanings

11 September 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: micheile henderson

What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? Because if you ask me that question, my answer would be Scottish architecture, the lush landscape, Scottish food, Nessie, and Scottish slang. I’m not sure if my thoughts would be in that same order but those things do come to mind right away. The Scottish architecture because something about it reminds me of a Brontë novel. The lush landscape because something about nature always makes me feel refreshed and in awe. Scottish food because I just love food and I’d love a hearty, delicious Scottish meal. The one and only Nessie because something about her fascinates me. And Scottish slang because many locals use them and you even hear these common phrases when watching Scottish shows. On the other hand, knowing a handful of Scottish slang is a great way to enhance your vocabulary, especially if you’re interested in visiting Scotland one day. Anyway, instead of babbling some more, here’s a short wordlist of Scottish slang words and their meanings to add to your English glossary.

  1. geks: glasses
  2. get tae: go away
  3. ah ken: I know
  4. aye: yes
  5. baffies: slippers
  6. da: father
  7. maw: ma
  8. papa: grandfather
  9. patter: banter
  10. scran: food
  11. piece: sandwich
  12. gallus: cheeky, flashy
  13. kip: a nap
  14. minted: rich
  15. coorie: to cuddle in the cold
  16. shoogly: wobbly
  17. noo: now
  18. tattie: potato
  19. bonnie: pretty
  20. wheesht: be quiet
  21. the morn’s morn: tomorrow
  22. kirk: church
  23. doo: a pigeon
  24. claes: clothes
  25. shoogly: wobbly
  26. choon: song
  27. breeks: trousers
  28. Embra: Edinburgh
  29. ftibaa: football (soccer)
  30. hackit: ugly
  31. oxters: armpits
  32. laddie: a young man
  33. lassie: a young woman
  34. dug: a dog
  35. coo: cow
  36. cludgie: toilet
  37. manky: dirty
  38. gan: go
  39. tassie: cup
  40. greet: to cry
  41. goon: idiot
  42. baltic: freezing cold
  43. bahookie: bum, butt
  44. peely wally: to look sick
  45. stoor: dust
  46. tube: a fool
  47. troosers: trousers
  48. auld: old
  49. cauld: cold
  50. dunno: I don’t know
  51. wabbit: tired
  52. bez: beer
  53. lavvy: short for lavatory, toilet