5 Health Benefits of Reading in a Different Language

January 15, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
A bed full of books

Unsplash: Giulia Bertelli

Reading takes you on a magical journey. With every flip of a page, you’re off to a different place. You’re shown a whole new world with unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings, depending on what you’re reading. Let’s not forget the characters you end up loving and hating. Truly, reading is a timeless adventure you will never forget.

One thing about reading is that you can read anywhere and everywhere. You can read on the bus or in your bed. You can even read on your phone or using your laptop. But, did you know that one of the best ways to learn a new language is by reading?

You can immerse yourself in a different culture through reading! So, if you ever thought about learning a new language, start now by reading stories you love with Beelinguapp! For now, it’s time to explore 5 health benefits of why you should start reading in a different language.

Health Benefit 1: Expands Vocabulary

Reading is a great way to learn new words and expand your vocabulary. If you’re reading in another language, you can pick up simple or silly words that you can use as you please. Of course, when choosing content to read you can start by reading poems or children’s stories.

Start simple then move on to longer stories. The more you read the more you improve your vocabulary, the bigger your brain gets, and the higher your test scores become.

A quick tip: If you find a word you like, make a note of it. Learn its definition and possibly use it as a marker to practice your target language.

Health Benefit 2: Exposure to Nuances

Porque o Por qué. Both Spanish words sound the same and look the same except for the space in between and the accent mark on the letter (é). But both Spanish words have different meanings. Porque means because. While por qué means why.

When reading in a foreign language, you are introduced to new phrases, idiomatic expressions, and various sentence structures. Perhaps, reading in a new language reinforces your language skills by exposing you to the nuances of your target language, which are helpful before getting lost in translation. Just think of porque o por qué, would you have known the difference without reading the words?

When reading in a foreign language, try reading various contents from the news to short stories. Not only will these keep you entertained but these will help you learn and acquire your target language faster!

Health Benefit 3: Improves Language Skills

When it comes to reading, there’s a certain feeling of satisfaction and comfort associated with it, especially when you’re reading the content you’re interested in. Reading is an important part of language learning. It helps you think differently and it helps you read between the lines. You will not only be looking at vocabulary, but you will also be looking at its context – how the words are stringed together to form a sentence. Reading improves your language skills as it challenges you to think critically.

One way you can enhance your language skills is by using parallel text when reading another language. This method will help you gain a better understanding of what you are reading in your target language by guiding your translation.

Health Benefit 4: Connects with Culture

Language is the center of culture and identity. Therefore, reading is an integral part of developing language fluency. There are countless reading contents out there from fairy tales like Snow White to cultural stories like The World of Tattooing. You can even read stories about food like Sushi. These stories may be simple but they are great in teaching us more about our surroundings and in helping us connect with another culture.

Health Benefit 5: Reading is FUN!

Reading is the more detailed version of the movie you just saw. Reading exposes you to more colorful words and vivid imagery than you can imagine. Of course with movies, you see everything right away. But when it comes to reading, your imagination is setting the scene for you. You are your own director and your imagination is creating imagery guided by the words off the pages. With reading, you can at least see the world at your fingertips, one page at a time.

Ron Weasly from Harry Potter eating breakfast while reading

We all read for many different reasons. We read for pleasure. We read for inspiration. We read to stay informed. Whatever the reason is, reading is something we all share.

You don’t have to read in a single language. In fact, you can read stories in various languages! You can even read while on a magic carpet ride, if that is possible.

When reading in a new language, you are sharpening your mind and reducing stress at the same time. And what better way to learn a new language and experience a wondrous point of view than by reading with Beelinguapp!

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