“Mon coeur” & More Sweet French Terms To Call Your Loved Ones

17 January 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
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Unsplash: Xavier Mouton Photographie

The cardinal rule of learning French is knowing a list of French terms of endearment because they just sound too cute. Ha ha, just kidding. No, that is actually not true because the cardinal rule of learning a new language like French is to have fun while doing it. Really, learning a new language while having fun is the best combination you can think of! Well, apart from dipping your french fries into milkshakes, then yes. Sounds interestingly weird… we know. But, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, ma puce.

Back to our topic: French terms of endearment. These cute French pet names are used to express admiration and affection to friends, family, loved ones, and even pets. And it's no surprise that this Romance Language has a chock full of them, that way you’re not only limited to the classic mon amour.

Tip: The French possessive adjectives mon and ma, which translate to "my" in English, must agree with the gender of the word and not with the gender of the speaker or the recipient.

  • My happiness – Mon bonheur
  • My lamb – Mon biquet
  • My baby – Mon bébé
  • My flower – Ma fleur
  • My angel – Mon ange
  • My pig – Mon cochon
  • My egg – Mon coco
  • My light – Ma lumière
  • My star – Mon étoile
  • My cutie – Mon mignon
  • My treasure – Mon trésor
  • My flea – Ma puce
  • My little one – Mon loulou
  • My little bird – Mon petit oiseau
  • My little cabbage – Mon petit chou
  • My romeo – Mon roméo
  • Love of my life – L'amour de ma vie
  • My heart – Mon coeur
  • My elf – Mon lutin
  • My naughty one – My vilain
  • My butterfly – My papillon
  • My rabbit – Mon lapin
  • My favorite – Mon chouchou
  • My darling – Ma chérie (F)
  • My darling – Mon chéri (M)
  • My teddy bear – Mon nounours
  • My man – Mon homme
  • My pearl – Ma perle
  • My guy – Mon mec
  • My other half – Ma moitié
  • My guy – Mon chum
  • My little doll – Ma poupée
  • My Valentine – Mon Valentin (M)
  • My Valentine – Ma Valentine (F)
  • My rose – Ma rose
  • My sun – Mon soleil
  • My worm – Mon ver de terre
  • My frog – Ma grenouille
  • My fairy – Ma fée
  • My sweetheart – Ma dulcinée
  • My perfection – Ma perfection
  • My kitten – Mon chaton
  • My pussycat – Mon mimi
  • My cutie – Ma choupinette
  • My little girl – Ma fifille
  • My dear – Ma mie