26 English Slang Words For Being Drunk

24 January 2024
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

Unsplash: Sangria Señorial

So, guess what? The English word “drunk” is actually a little bit quirkier than the rest of the five-letter word crew out there (in English). Because “drunk,” in fact, has more than two synonyms. These words are generally sloshed around depending on the person’s drunk level. I mean, of course, the word “drunk” is still used more when describing someone who is intoxicated. But sometimes a little change of words is kind of fun. Want to find out what these words are? Read on and find out.

Oh and btw, please drink carefully. Watch your alcohol intake. Don’t drink and drive.

  1. buzzed
  2. wasted
  3. shitfaced
  4. toasted
  5. smashed
  6. fried
  7. destroyed
  8. blasted
  9. canned
  10. intoxicated
  11. inebriated
  12. hammered
  13. fucked
  14. blitzed
  15. skunked
  16. steamed
  17. wrecked
  18. tanked
  19. sloshed
  20. under the influence
  21. woozy
  22. plowed
  23. juiced
  24. pissed
  25. trashed
  26. snookered