How To Say Affectionate Phrases Like “I Love You” In Finnish

29 December 2023
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Japanese House

My Sailor, My Love

Saying affectionate, romantic stuff in Finnish culture is not really unheard of. You’ll hear it, of course. But they aren’t actually said all the time. In general, Finns don’t often throw away love declarations as much as other people do. That doesn’t mean they are emotionless or they feel nothing towards you. They just prefer to say such phrases on very special occasions. When a Finn tells you “I love you” be it in Finnish or English, they truly, deeply, wholeheartedly, very much mean it. Even when these words are not usually said out loud.

  • I love you: Minä rakastan sinua (mee-na rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah)
  • I love you: Mä rakastan sua (ma rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah)
  • I love you: Rakastan sinua (rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah)
  • I love you too: Minä rakastan sinua myös (mee-na rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah myus)
  • I’ve fallen in love with you: Olen rakastunut sinuun (oh-len rra-kas-tu-nut see-noo-oon)
  • I like you a lot: Pidän sinusta todella paljon (pee-dahn see-noos-ta to-del-la pal-yon)
  • I love you always: Rakastan sinua aina (rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah ay-na)
  • I love everything about you: Rakastan kaikkea sinussa (rra-kas-tan ka-eek-kya see-noos-sa)
  • I love you forever: Rakastan sinua ikuisesti (rra-kas-tan see-noo-ah ee-koo-ee-ses-tee)
  • I have a crush on you: Olen ihastunut sinuun (oh-len ee-has-tu-nut si-noo-oon)
  • I miss you: Minulla on ikävä sinua (mee-nuh-la on ee-ka-va see-noo-ah)
  • You are loved (by me): Olet rakas (oh-let ra-kas)