10 Useful French Phrases for Around the House

February 12, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
French Houses

In the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy once said that “there is no place like home.” Do you agree or do you agree?

There is no place like your own living room, filled with midnight memories and Netflix binges. There is no place like your kitchen that smells like freshly baked cookies on the weekends. There is no place like your own cozy bedroom with your warm blankets and pillow forts and a window overlooking the backyard tree. Maybe that’s why they say, home is where the heart is?

If you’re interested in learning more about French culture and want to improve your vocabulary, start learning simple house terms! This way, you’re learning and immersing into the language by using the things around you! Even if you make a mistake, that’s okay. You can always try again!

Ready to take a tour around la maison (the house) now? Feel free to mark specific things with post-its as you go for the tour!

Essential House Questions

Où est-ce que tu habites?
Pronunciation – Ooh es kuh tu abite
English translation – Where do you live?

Tu habites avec qui?
Pronunciation – Tu abite avec kee
English translation – Who do you live with?

Combien d'étages dans votre maison?
Pronunciation – Combien deytaj dan votra maison
English translation – How many floors are in your house?

Est-ce que je peux utiliser vos toilettes s'il vous plaît?
Pronunciation – Es kuh je peu utilizeh vo toilette seel voh pleh
English translation – May I use the restroom please?


Le salon
Pronunciation – Luh salon
English translation – The living room

Le chambre
Pronunciation – Luh shamb
English translation – The bedroom

La cuisine
Pronunciation – La koosin
English translation – The kitchen

La salle à manger
Pronunciation – La sal ah manjay
English translation – The dining room

La salle de bains
Pronunciation – La sal duh bahn
English translation – The bathroom

Le jardin
Pronunciation – Luh jardahn
English translation – The garden
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