13 English Phrases to Learn with Shondaland’s Bridgerton

March 10, 2022
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Mirabel from 'Encanto' holding a cup


Dearest reader, are you ready to step into the Netflix time machine and experience the Regency Era on behalf of the Bridgertons? Care to live vicariously through Daphne and the rest of the English high society, and discover what it feels like to be in the middle of a bumbling affair of the era, courtesy of Shondaland.

Bridgerton is a television Netflix drama series produced by the brilliant Shonda Rhimes and the amazing Chris Van Dusen. The series is based on Julia Quinn's eight romance novels about the Bridgerton family who are living in London during the great Regency era. Think of the Netflix series as a special Jane Austen novel, narrated by the inimitable Gossip Girl,  laced with Shondaland magic. Sounds scandalous, does it not?

The first season of the Bridgerton series follows Miss Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the well-to-do Bridgerton family, as she enters the intense and competitive marriage market in London. Will she find love and happiness? Or will she find a random match who can secure her a good future? I’m betting on the former, for what is a romance drama series without a great love and happiness in the end…

The elite English society during the Regency period is full of gossip, secrets, riddles, and everything in between. However, only a certain Lady Whistledown is known to see and hear all that is happening in and out. Who is she? No one knows. Neither the Queen, nor the servants know of her true existence. So if you want to know more, wait for the papers and hope that one day she might reveal her identity. Or watch the series and take a guess who this mysterious Lady Whistledown truly is. 

Dearest gentle reader, let it be known that knowledge is power. And as you follow the Bridgertons on their journey in lust, love, and life you might find some English phrases fascinating, interesting, and perhaps new. So as you tread along the series, questioning, wondering what a specific phrase means, let us help you. Use our guide and learn English phrases while watching Bridgerton

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  • Promenade

(verb) to take a public walk with a special someone

Two persons taking a walk

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: Penelope and Eloise are promenading along the river bank, discussing something very important.

  • The ton

(noun) refers to the British High Society; the term is short for the French term “le bon ton” which means good manners

Two persons dancing together

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The members of the ton are out dancing and socializing all night.

  • Duke

(noun) a title for the man who holds the highest aristocratic rank

A young man saying 'perhaps'

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The Duke of Hastings is planning on going for a short afternoon stroll with his dog.

  • Courses

(noun) another way of saying that Aunt Flo is paying her monthly special visit

A young woman falling into a bed

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: Marina said her courses are due sometime this week, maybe that explains why she’s been feeling unwell lately.

  • With child

(adjective) means that the person is pregnant

A concerned woman

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The modiste just overheard two servants saying that Daphne is with child.

  • Rake

(noun) short term for the word “rakehell” which means a charming and handsome player; a womanizer

A young man saying 'I am and always will be a rake'

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: He finally admitted his reputation for being known as a rake.

  • Sire an heir

(verb) to have a child who will inherit the family fortune and title

Two people dancing together

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The Duke’s wife is feeling the pressure of needing to sire an heir five nights after their marriage.

  • Swoon

(verb) to faint in a charming way

A man helping a woman after she fainted

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: She suddenly swooned as soon as she saw the Prince approaching.

  • Modiste

(noun) a highly fashionable dressmaker who is up to date on all the latest fashions and trends; she also creates the best gowns in town that will make you the belle of the ball

A group of women waering dresses while one says 'She made quite an impression'

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The Queen noticed the most exquisite dresses the modiste made for the Bridgerton sisters.

  • Diamond of the First Water

(noun) the most beautiful and exceptional debutante; the perfect catch among all the young women looking for a husband

An older woman saying 'flawless, my dear' to a young woman

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: As soon as Daphne entered the room, the Queen immediately gave her the title as the diamond of the first water.

  • Viscount

(noun) pronounced as vai-count; a title in the high society for a man who holds legal duties 

A man saying 'How wonderful'

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: The Viscount is known for his obsession with all things sweet.

  • High in the instep

(adjective) someone who is arrogant and snobbish

An arrogant looking woman

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: Ever since they inherited their grandparents’ wealth, they have become too high in the instep that they stopped inviting most of the ton to join them for tea.

  • Leg shackled

(verb) to be married

A young man at his wedding

Giphy / Netflix

Sample Sentence: Simon is about to get his leg shackled this Sunday.

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