An Easy Health Hack? Learn A New Language

December 30, 2021
By Sarah Angela Almaden
Two friends smiling at each other

Capricorn season is here and it is time to make healthier decisions. I know you have a busy schedule but it is never too late to practice self-care even for just 10 minutes or less.

Part of self-care is practicing mindfulness. As you practice mindfulness, you’re taking care of yourself mentally by exercising your brain.

How do you practice mindfulness? Simple, learn a new language! With so much tech surrounding you, all you need is a phone or a tablet, a language app, and off you go.

Of course, there are so many apps to choose from so feel free to choose one of your liking. However, if you’re interested in not just learning a new language but also reading something fun, try Beelinguapp! With Beelinguapp, you’d be learning a new language with stories you love. Yes, you can even read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in Italian or Korean. Cool, huh!

Health Benefit 1: Prevents dementia.

According to many studies, language learning keeps the mind active and sharp. Therefore, it helps lower the risk of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by 4 to 5 years. When you practice another language, you are constantly exercising certain areas of the brain that strengthen its cognitive functions.

Health Benefit 2: Fights depression.

Depression is a disorder that affects millions of people worldwide and managing it is an ongoing fight. However, one way to deal with this disorder is by learning a new language. Learning a new language keeps your mind engaged and encourages you to socialize with other people.

Health Benefit 3: Open your mind.

Learning a new language encourages you to be more open to what the world has to offer. It inspires you to learn about other cultures and appreciate new things. Perhaps, it could even motivate you to try East London’s famous “Jellied Eel.” Or maybe read Pride and Prejudice in Swedish.

Health Benefit 4: Lengthened attention span.

With all the distractions surrounding us, sometimes staying focused can be very challenging. A study from York University showed that people who switch between languages have more control over their focus. Therefore, learning and speaking a different language can be beneficial in helping you stay focused and blocking out distractions.

Health Benefit 5: Better listening skills.

Listening is important when speaking. As you are learning a different language, your listening skills are enhanced. You start noticing the various accents and the minute details of the language. Perhaps, you might even start deciphering the Spanish accent you’re hearing whether it is Chilean Spanish or Argentinian Spanish.

Language is an important part of communication. And learning a new language is healthy for you as it promotes mindfulness and improves well-being. Even with only minutes to spare, you can take time to learn new vocabulary by reading a short story or listening to music! What are you waiting for, try Beelinguapp now!

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